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Website Design Gathering Requirements

This is some of the information we need from you to better understand your requirements.

About your website

  • What is the purpose of your site?
    • Bring in New Clients/Customers?
    • E-Commerce?
    • Educational, Training or Instructional?
    • Extend Marketing Reach?
    • Informative?
    • Starting Internet Presence?
  • Do you have a URL?
    • If you have a URL is it being hosted anywhere?
    • If hosted are you satisfied with the hosting company?
    • If your URL is being hosted what’s the Monthly Transfer Volume?
  • Who are you targeting? Youths? Mothers? Businesses?
  • Are you a member of any organizations (Better Business Bureau, etc…)

  • About Your Business

  • What is the nature of your business?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have a logo? Do you need a logo or redesign?
  • Do you have existing material for your product/idea? (i.e. brochures, CDs, video, flyers)

  • The Look and Feel

  • Do you have any written content? If not you will need to provide this. Only you know your business and can write about it. I can help review and re-write your content so it layouts and presents well on your web site.
  • If you need a redesign, let me know what you don't like about your current site and what you would like to change.
  • Do you have any existing artwork or corporate color schemes that you want incorporated into your site?
  • If you want pictures, how many will you need? Will you need me to take digital pictures?
  • Are there any Websites you'd like us to follow or any Web sites that you like?
  • Do you intend to maintain the web site yourself?

  • Layout - What pages and features do you need?

    Some ideas...
  • Homepage (you will need this one)
  • About Us
  • Catalog of Products
  • Products Area (How many products to you intend to have for sale?) (Do you have descriptions for your products?)
  • Clients (A list of your clients. Sales from existing clients is a lot easier than finding new ones)
  • Company Profile
  • Contact Us
  • Links Area (for exchanging links with other similar sites)
  • Recent Projects Area
  • References/Resume/Portfolio
  • Samples
  • Services
  • Support Area
  • Store/Online Shopping/Order Taking
  • Testimonials

  • Are there any other features you would like on your site?

  • Animations
  • Blog
  • Bulletin Board or Forum
  • Chat Room
  • Counter/Traffic Meter
  • Files for Download
  • Flash Development
  • Forms
  • Guestbook
  • Live Web Cast
  • Media Streaming
  • Password Protected Area
  • Rollover Buttons
  • Shopping Cart
  • Site Search (do you need the ability to search)
  • Video/Audio Streaming
  • Virtual Tours

    What are your budget requirements and constraints?

  • How much do you have budgeted for development?
  • How much do you expect to pay for monthly hosting?
  • What type of maintenance do you need done after going live?
  • Do you want to be able to fully update the entire web site? If yes, do you have any WYSIWIG editor? If yes, what is it (Dreamweaver, Expression Web, Frontpage, etc…)
  • Do you want to be able to update just part of the web site? If yes, do you have any WYSIWIG editor? If yes, what is it (Dreamweaver, Expression Web, Frontpage, etc…)
  • Do you want to use things like Google AdSense, Adworks, Microsoft AdCenter? If yes, what’s your budget for this?
  • If you have me host your site, for the first year I will provide monthly search engine optimization (i.e., tweak your site to try and get it listed high in the search engines) and statistical analysis for FREE.

  • For eCommerce sites?

  • Do you need the ability to download sales information to Quickbooks?
  • What type of payments will you accept (Paypal, Visa, Mastercard,
  • AMEX, Discover)?

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