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Web Site Design Pricing

Web Site Development PricingWe will always give you a firm quote for your web site development project. That will be the price you will pay when the work is done. The only deviation from this would be if the job were a sizeable one, requiring several weeks of time from start to finish. If the estimated cost is over $1000 we would then ask for 50% portion of the final bill up front and the remainder prior to going live.

Obviously, if we start off designing a web site based on a firm quote, and you decide that you want to add a significant number of new images or pages, we will give you an updated estimate for those additions. If you decide that you also want a logo done for your business, that will simply be treated like another job.

You might like to know that if you don't have a logo and you also want a web site, it will be much cheaper for you to combine the two jobs.

All work is based on the $60 per hour scale. We realize this is quite a small amount. There are several reasons for this:

  • We are a small firm and can keep our costs down.
  • We love the work we do.
  • We recognize that we work with sole-proprietors, and small businesses without slush funds!
  • We usually only take on 1 and no more than 2 clients at a time.
  • We provide personalized service to each of our clients.

If you are uncomfortable with paying an hourly rate, we can lock in a set contact price.

We know you would like some "real" figures to work with. A five- or six-page web site design without any backend database integration and using your digital images, would run between $400 and $800. That would include working with you on the copy, editing, checking, site banner, menus, links, image optimization and sizing, and upload to the web. It would also include a contact form which would allow visitors to get in touch directly from you web site.

There would be one meeting for initial discussion of your business and what you want done. (In the case of remotes users--several email exchanges). After that you would get all needed materials to us and we would go to work.

You do need to know that while $400 to $800 pays for only 10 to 20 hours of work, there will be many more hours than that spent on your site. That is the nature of the beast called web site design, search engine optimization and graphic design. Remember that the work we do for you also performs a kind of advertisement for Fab Web Designs. So, we are not just working to satisfy you; we are also working to satisfy our exceedingly high standards. If you look good, so do we.

We do logo design work too. It might take us 1 to 20 hours to come up with a design you like. So a logo might run somewhere between $40 to $800. The wide area here is because folks often want to do many things with their logos.

If you already have a logo we can use that would be great!

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Our Guarantee

If Fab Web Designs does not get you a page 1 or 2 listing on Yahoo, Google or MSN we will refund 20% of the fee you paid us. We are that confident of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expertise!

If you refer another client to us and a website is developed and placed into production, we will give you $50 gift card!